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The 2019 season is off to the races as we are over 25 games for the season so far. Some things have stayed the same, and some things are not as they were. There are plenty of players that are underperforming to this point of the season, and some have more significant impacts on their team’s success than others. Here are a few key players that have been uncharacteristically underperforming.

Chris Davis

Chris Davis has been the talk of the town recently in the MLB, and not in a good way. The twice MLB Home Run Leader and Silver Slugger has seen the longest hitless streak in all of the history of the MLB. He was once a powerhouse for the Baltimore Orioles leading home runs and now sits upon a record truly no one wants. He recently broke the streak against the Red Sox and put up a 2-run homer in the same game; this could be just what Chris needs to get back to being “Crush Davis.”

Chris Sale

The Red Sox, joyfully to Yankees fans, are off to a rough start and it looks like all eyes are on the pitching staff. The biggest issue in the bullpen for the Red Sox seems to be ace Chris Sale. Coming off of a dominant season with a 2.11 ERA and 237 strikeouts, he is at an 8.50 ERA and only 14 strikeouts through 18 innings pitched. If he can get back to last year’s form, the Red Sox may come up as an actual contender in the Division.

Robinson Cano

Cano finally returned to New York, but to the Mets instead of the Yankees. He made a statement in his first at-bat with a home run this season but has done nothing to follow that up the rest of the games so far. Just last season he still showed his batting potential with a .303 average and a .845 OPS in only 80 games after being on an 80-game suspension. The Mets are off to a great start in the Division, and if Cano can bring his batting back up to par, the Mets may just be a force to be reckoned with.

J.A. Happ

Its no secret the Yankees lineup is hanging on by a thread with new additions to the Injured List seemingly every day. The Yankees have still strung together enough wins to keep up with the Rays in the Division, but with the lack of depth in the lineup and bullpen, the Yankees need to be firing on all cylinders. J.A. Happ needs to show what he can really do as one that Aaron Boone relies on in these trying times. He ended last season with a 2.69 ERA and is now sitting at an 8.76 ERA through his first three appearances this season.